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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. we do have some downpours live on storm tracker 2 and we have more on where the heaviest rain is falling right now. the christmas party that got ugly sending many to the hospital. people got up to beat the rush of people making a return to stores, we will show you what the foot traffic looks like and about the deals.
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this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning everybody, it is wednesday december 26th, i am brian flores. >> and i am claudine wong, dave and pam have the morning off, mark, it sounds like a little bit of everything is out there. yes, rainfall coverage has been increasing parts of the bay area and we have some downpours and you will notice them in at least the next hour or so. you can see some of the heavier cells in parts of the santa cruz mountains and there is probably a thunderstorm so we are talking about the probability of hail in vallejo. we have an update now on the wet roadways with tara, good morning, tara. traffic is flowing nicely
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into berkeley at the mcarthur maze on the right-hand side. definitely give yourself some extra time, 6:00 on the nose, let's head back to the desk. workers heading back to work could face a tricky commute. lorraine blanco is live at the bay bridge toll plaza with more on that. >> reporter: the rain has been spotty throughout the morning and we are here at the bay bridge toll plaza san right now traffic is moving rather smoothly at this point on the bay bridge. here is what it looked like on the san mateo bridge just a few minutes ago and the rain is moving quickly, you may see it for a while and suddenly it disappears. chp tells us there have been several traffic accidents overnight. the roadways are slick from this morning and as you head
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back to work, give yourself some extra time. remember to give yourself some extra time and remember to use extra caution this morning as you go back on your morning commute. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. at least three deaths are being blamed on weather sweeping through the south. it knocked out power to more than 3,000 people. and blizzard warnings are in effect from oklahoma to arkansas and this is oklahoma where the roads are filled with ice and snow. it is blamed for a 21 car pileup yesterday and the storm is now moving towards florida, georgia and the carolinas. many were rushed to a hospital after a family christmas party ended in a stabbing. it ended near coral street near the oakland inner harbor.
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police say an argument got violent when one grabbed a knife and started stabbing the other in the chest. we do not know the condition now and their sister has been arrested. the two car vehicle crash slammed into the utility pole and it happened off of interstate 880. power was knocked out to 6800 people and right now only two dozen are without power. electric is not expected to return until mid-morning and police are still looking for the first car who ran from the scene. the holiday shopping rush is not over yet. live in santa clara where shoppers are out looking for
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bargains. you can see from the parking lot, it is slowly picking up with customers but it's not a huge christmas rush just yet. >> reporter: customers wanted to beat the crowds and take advantage of the early bird deal. kohl's is one of many offering deep discounts and stores are trying to get rid of their unsold inn haven't torii and this is also a big day to use cards. >> those are likely last minute gifts so definitely in the next few days, most of our customers will be spending their gift cards in the store. >> and they end up spending more than is on the gift card? >> yes, definitely more. >> they tracked holiday sales and it shows the sales the two weeks before christmas was
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higher and it was .7% compared to last year. today will be a big day for return. back out here live i saw a lot of by one get 1/2 off. wrapping live from santa clara janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. now that all the gifts are out from that christmas tree, people are trying to figure out what to do with the ones that are not quite for them. what some people are doing as they are headed pack. tara let's see if it is a affecting your commute. it's very slippery out there and there is one lane
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blocked at the moment so definitely be careful if you live near cast tore valley. now we will head out to 880 near the coliseum seem, up next this is where lorraine is and the metering lights are going onment finally at the fab gabe, you -- golden gate bridge, again drive slowly it is slick out there, here is mark. rain showers heavy at times and every few minutes we need to resink the raid tar. right around vallejo, they do link up with heavier rainfall amounts with the possibility of some hail so that could be a
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factor as we head through the next few hours. notice this one part and out towards the east bay. over the past few minutes out towards san leandro tracking some more cells, and taking a map here it is picking up over the past few hours. and they have the ability for thunderstorms and hail. we have upper $30 and 40s for most of the -- upper 30s and 40s for most of the region. we have a fairly good chance but of course yesterday we had a system move across the region christmas day and the cool
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unstable air will show us sunshine and heavier downpours as we move across the region and we are still unsettled by 2 and 4:00 but the some of could be on a decrease as we head too the evening hours. forecast tonight, mainly in the lower 50s so get ready for a cool day and wet day. thursday and friday a chance of a few showers lasting into sunday. they are headed there but the bick renovation project has now soared. they say the work will not be finished until 2015.
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they will face bowling green, a team that ranges 7th in the defense. still though experts are predicting they will come away with a win and military bowl is set tow kickoff. what rescuers did that safe his life -- save his life. >> and governor brown wants to change the way school districts take and spend money. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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. welcome back and new this morning, you may call it a holiday miracle, a county man was found alive after being stranded in the wilderness for five-days. he set out for a hike in the national forest one week ago but he spent three nights in attend purchase he finally found a carbon and broke into it. if heed not broken into that cabin he would not have survived. 5,000 people were expelled due to sexual abuse. the at it do foes from 1991.
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bay areas include piedmont and -- include piedmont and san rafael and they accused them of filing report abusers. they are keeping records to keep them from rejoining. and they showed an illegal gun clip on the area. he held up what looked like a 30 round gun magazine on "meet the press" on sunday. it happened while they had a meeting with the ceo. starting today, lawmakers and president barack obama will get back to work on a 50-yard clip and they want the president to miss the deadline. >> reporter: economists warn going over the cliff will hurt
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our already struggling economy but both parties stand to get some of what they want if spending cuts go into effect next tuesday and here is why. democrats say republicans want to go over the cliff and tax rates have gone up on all americans and they would then be voting for tax cuts as opposed to tax increases they would now have to reach a deal. put the president and the democrat particular party would win. >> he gets to cut the military and he gets to blame republicans for it. >> also if congress does not reach a deal by monday as many as 500 million taxpayers will not be able to file until march and i can explain why when i see you next.
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tile la campbell -- kyle la calm about a ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are asking all workers from d.c. washington area stores to coliseum together and he said he wants to send a respectful but potent issue. we have more times with the same message. the u.s. base was the target of a suicide attack in afghanistan. a car bomb went off at the gates of camp chapman. the blast skilled a delivery guard and 6 children. the taliban is claiming responsibility. more than 10 people people voted to support it but more than two-thirds voted not to
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have it but some say it passed too quickly. it protects some rights but underminds others. now that voters have approved higher taxes for education, governor brown wants to overall the state funning and at least low income mine 40 district. crews in the north bay are looking into the cause of a midway water break. crews shut the water and closed traffic in the area and there is no word on what caused the break. john mcafee is believed to be spending this christmas week in great britain. he is stating he was safe and has been hiding from authorities and he is wanted in
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the suspicious death of his neighbor. and construction is the fastest growing industry according to the state development dent. meanwhile retail, restaurants, bars hotels and manufacturing have also seen improvements and growth is filling into cities like san francisco san mateo and marin counties. let's turn to tara moriarty, because she is following an accident in the east bay, tara? that's right, the rain is taking a toll on the commute and cars are so slippery they are slipping all over the place. if we take a look at our maps, we can zoom in on the area at lead san county lane and it causing some congestion in the opposite of the commute.
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you can see traffic is flowing pretty well and we had expected those metering lights to be going on and you are in luck because a lot of people have the day off. we can see 280 traffic in san jose is flowing nicely in both directions, here is mark. we are looking out towards san francisco with some clouds testimony right now on live storm tracker you can't see the coverage and it looks like the bulk of the activity am focused on the southern parts of the region but in parts of the north bay. it is beginning to weaken must in parts, we'll move to maps and show you activities you can't see here and this is moving rapidly to the east and this is east of vallejo and to
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san francisco, this is one cell moving to the south and to the west. speak of the south and to the west in dublin and union city. parts of the peninsular and right around boulder creek and in the east bay and towards fremont and milpitas and sunny veil as well. we showed you a lot of rain fall scattered around the bay area and we have readings in the upper 40s and 30s out towards santa rosa. we have showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm it will be dry put we can be with them and even in the chance only to mid-50s. yesterday we had a cold front and today we have speckled
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clouds which is cold unstable air which will hold onto shower chances that are forecast for today. as i mentioned tomorrow will be dry a chance of a shower by friday, especially friday night and into the weekend. the total remortgage could expand according to the wall street journal. it has borrowers who oh more on the homes will also be eligible. they are potentially riskier loans given to the two agencies and that will require congressional approval. homes rose more than expected in october, it shows the average price for a home in the 20 u.s. markets was up 4.3% in the last year and that's 2 /
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10s of a percent. prices fell in chicago. it is one of the worst natural staffs in history -- disasters in history. and a special send out for a seal rescued last month. stay tuned.
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. today marks the day of the indian earthquake and tsunami. they held prayer services to remember the victims of that disaster. the un calls it the worst disaster an estimated 200,000 people had lost their lives. it is known as boxing day in places like the united kingdom and it is similar to black friday here in the united states. boxing day has been a national holiday since 1871. back then they would celebrate with fox hunt and they would send boxes to many of their workers. some people are already planning what they can doing
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with the gifts that are not their favorites. some policies vary and they go up to 30 days. some say they never return gifts but they have that technique down to a science. >> they will exchange it or they usually give you a store credit if i don't want it. >> other people say instead of trading something they don't want give it to charity. these are pictures of the dolphin after her send off in the marine islands. she was found mall your rushed and with a bite mark on her neck last month. she was transferred where after
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many weeks of treatment she was nursed back toth. a dog became an international sensation. this dog appears to have beaten cancer but she needs more treatment for heart worm before her face wound can be closed. she lost her snout when she threw herself in front of a motorcycle to save two young girls in the philippines. i understand it is very shrill are you so give yourself some extra time because we are going slowly. you can traffic there, they are the headlights as you head towards northbound in santa clara and in fremont you can see the same story, it is definitely wet thought but traffic seems to be moving along quite nicely.
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6:26 here is mark. we have been tracking showers and coverage has been increasing over the past hour. it is moving east right around martinez and concord and this was right around larkspur and right around central portions of the bayment san mateo moving towards burlingame out towards 680 and 580. i am having to refrain these graphics quite a bit and also around the sunny veil area. we will continue it going all weekend long. -- we will continue to see
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rain going all weekend long. we will have problems caused for drivers coming up in a live report. a fight in alameda ends up with four people stabbed, who police took into custody after this alleged attack. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. that is the new york national guard on the new york stock exchange certainly thanking everyone for their services and we know some people are not home with their families today. it is expected to be a light trading day and we have new housing numbers in this morning futures are up and we will keep an eye on the markets this morning. it is wednesday, december
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26th i am david flores, dave and pam have the day off. a woman stabbed her own cities and the attack happened on willie avenue. she is what was there to explain. >> essentially this was too sisters that ended with a fight and it happened inside one of the garden complexes. four people were taken to the hospital overnight and this is one of the videos of the victims being transported. the woman who lives in the apartment grabbed a knife and began stabbing. three other members were also stabbed, they were trying to rent it it up. now the woman who carried out
6:33 am
this stabbing is now under investigation. i have put calls into police and nobody has been able to give me anymore information on the woman taken into custody or any of the four victims taken to the hospital. for now live in alamed . >> -- police found dozens of shell casings where the victim was gunned down yesterday afternoon. the victim ran off but the shooter followed him again this time fatally striking him and so far no arrests have been made. it happened in the middle and coming up we will bring you the woman's remarkable story and tell you how she is doing.
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this is expected to be live where post christmas shoppers are showing up and it looks like you already made it inside. >> reporter: it has been open for the past hour and a half and it's already relatively quiet but they do have a lot of early bird specials and a lot of other the customers starting showing up at 5:00 a.m. and were trying to beat the after christmas rush of people who would making returns and shopping for deals. it is also a huge shopping day for gift cards and retailers hope they end up using them plus spending more retailers are hoping to go out with a bank. >> i would like to come out
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because the christmas gifts are at half price. >> it is clay callment and the retailed report showed the last two months before christmas were the weakest since 2008 and that's helping to drive the prices down up to 60 to 70% off. every wednesday and wednesday is today they are offering an additional 15% off who anyone who is 60 years and old terrible. it shows it was much weaker and it included 7 / 10th of a percent from last year's levels. they did scale it back during early december but it shows
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growths in holiday sales were the weakest it had been since 2008 when the recession started. volunteers had christmas meals and he hopes to have a special christmas blame fast. moles will be served -- breakfast and those meals will go on until noon. the agency will offer free rides to celebrate he their 100th year in service. they will last few 5:39. will -- let's go to tara. we have a lot testify accidents that are possible starting it to pop up. we have one on the on a ramp
6:37 am
and it is definitely blocking a lane so be aware of it. let's take a live look outside and you can see westbound traffic is looking good as you make your way towards concord and up next, we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we would be back to a normal day but metering lights would be going on and we sort of past that point. this is where we had a show low vehicle and one lane is -- so low area and one lane is blocked and several vehicles have been spinning out and if you feel yourself starting to hydroplane don't take your foot off the gas pedal, just ease up. wednesday morning showing you the cloud cover and we have quite a bit of shower activity
6:38 am
and downpours. you might not have clear skies in the driveway but all of a sudden it could create hazardous and light rain showers up in the north bay. there could be moderate activity up in santa rosa and i have been watching right around the toll plaza of the bay bridge and in portions of staff staff. look a these yellow and reds showing around santa clara and san jose. in santa clara 101 and heavier downpours to report, here is a percenter projector and has it in parts of the east bay as
6:39 am
well. temperatures in the upper 30s and warmest locations are in the upper 50s. at 8:00 showers out there and temperature are in the 40s. here is the expected rain fall and the we have scattered rainfall with coverage and we learned of some breakout clouds especially for this morning. temperature are on the cool side in the low-to-mid 50s for afternoon highs. slight chance of a shower by friday and we begin with those chances by friday night into saturday. coming up, we will take a look at the store parenting. despite steady rain, crews stacked sandbags on the levee
6:40 am
that failed three nights ago and it damaged several homes and one home remains uninhibited. it happened north of five state park -- fiver state park. cal train hopes to have it open next week. it will slow it town to tahoe. you can see -- it will slow down in tahoe and continuing our storm watch coverage, it was a wet christmas here and it was a white christmas in the sierra. you are looking at the one which was on i-80 and cal
6:41 am
strand says the slick -- cal train says slick roads caused more accidents. travelers were sick of the delays and more chains are still required in that area. tougher fun laws and few test. rain is moving across the bay area this morning and we will show you what it looks like at several locations. >> traffic is moving a long well, we have a few spin outs to tell you about coming up.
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. good wednesday morning, tracking some rain showers heavier amounts closer to san jose and santa clara. time now 6:43 here is a look at some of the top stories we are following. christmas vacation is ending for president barack obama and they are working on getting a deal on the table. president barack obama is leaving hawaii and he will be back to negotiate with lawmakers. people are still without power in oakland after a car crash. they hit each other before running into a utility pole off
6:45 am
of interstate 580. at one point power was knocked out to 6800 page customers. police are still looking for the person who ran from the scene. the day after christmas is known as the busiest day of the year. retailers are hoping to boost their bottom line before year's end. and they are going back to work and urging drivers to proceed with caution the morning after christmas. from last night's storm there has been more showers maybe even a little hail and lorraine blanco has more with how things look out there, lorraine? we have been live in oakland and the rain has been on and off and there is a light drizzle out here. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza and the roadways are slick but it is not affecting traffic so far. here is a look at the hayward
6:46 am
airport. you can expect scattered showers throughout the east bay today. here is a look at alameda where there is a steady moderate rain overnight there was times when the rain was coming down so hard that it was hard to see in front of you. over to the peninsular, chp is reporting several accidents last night and across the bay area so give yourself some extra time when you get back after the holiday. 14 people were killed in california last year around the winter holiday season. half of those people were not wearing seat belts so buckle up and use caution. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:45, the story of a woman who was shot on a on
6:47 am
christmas eve, theresa was trying to shield her kids as bullets came through the walls of the church monday night. ktvu channel 2 morning news spoke with the church's pastor and about her heroic actions during his sermon. >> she was trying to protect the children and jumping in front of them, which is why the bullet got her. >> the woman is in stable condition and is expected to recover. a man outside is also in stable condition and we do not know if he was the intended victim. police say william spangledder wanted to kill people. they found a body in his home. they say he hated her and their mother died in the house two months ago. states with tough gun laws
6:48 am
have fewer deaths. they are trying to prevent gun violence known as california and hawaii have fewer killings per capita. states with fewer restrictions have more deaths per capita. they demonstrated that gun laws do not work. in napa, we have a tree branch and a tree also blocking. we can show you we still have this earlier accident at the boulevard. we have a vehicle spin out and another car hit that car and it's blocked, but it seems traffic is able to get through and there are not too many people out on the roadways. 237 near milpitas and you can see traffic is flowing well,
6:49 am
westbound towards sunny veil and 880 near the oakland coliseum, we have traffic flowing nicely in both directions, 647, here is mark. we have some clouds, and showers and downpours, so be prepared for everything, even the possibility of hail. right now, you can see the overall coverage across the bay area and rain coverage is especially towards sonoma county. right around oakland, this is the bay bridge centered over piedmont in contra costa, but still some lingering rain showers outside brentwood last checked. right around stamford moving into portions of the bay and in santa cruz rainfall rates are knocking on the door. heavier rain is coming up and we have this as a recent
6:50 am
development in the past few minutes which you can't see here. it basically increases rainfall amounts and there is lots of water accumulating in parts of the east bay and union city and right around the fremont region. temperatures are in the upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. yesterday we had the rain move across the region and that's a signature that they continue putting in the region. slight chance of a snow shower and increasing clouds on friday. here is our forecast model, showers heavy at times possibility of some hail, we have temperatures mainly in the low-to-mid 50s for afternoon highs. here is a look ahead, it will be dry thursday, slight chance of a showers by friday
6:51 am
especially friday night and lasting into saturday. well, with several feet of know and all of that snow can make for very difficult conditions for drivers. live in blue canyon, how do things look? there we go, we have been struggling to get him all morning and it looks like that snow is making it more difficult for him. the silver letter, why we may not see it next year. plus, what you have to do for a chance to get your hands on one of the prizes. and of course, get ktvu news app and we will watch all of our live casts on our smart phones any time anywhere.
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. there is a look at the big board and we have home prices that are better than expected and predicted and mark, they seem to be happy with that. a 23-year-old woman is scheduled to be arraigned after
6:55 am
what happened at the twin peeks. she was intoxicated when she drove her car into a group of pedestrians. one person died of their surveillance camera and two are people are expected to survive. and the accident happened at the alpine meadow ski resort on monday. bill foster and other ski members set off explosives to trigger the avalanche but the avalanche broke wider than expected burying foster in the snow. he was one of their most experienced skiers with 28 years of experience. the recent storms have filled south bay reservoirs to 102%. the reservoirs supply the area
6:56 am
for their water supply. a recent survey found two thirds of the city's healthiest workers are overweight or obese. and they found children fell into those categories as well. now they are looking into those who eat right and that could cost less than expected than increasing medical care. san francisco will be hosting celebrations all week long and the first event begins at noon at san francisco's city hall. and later they will kickoff their annual program. they will run the trees through a giant wood chipper and last year they recycled more than 655 tons of trees. the collection of trees begins on january 2nd.
6:57 am
they are making riding the bus their new year's resolution. they are starting a facebook page getting underway today and riders are coming up with strong reasons to take a bus and they will be eligible for prizes and that includes restaurants and stores and the contest begins january 11th. we will have spent outs on the wet roads today, tara? yes, the wet weather is creating slick roadways so please drive carefully.$♪ this is a look at the mcarthur maze, folks are headed towards the bay bridge coliseum plaza. you can see those lights are west pound and same story no, delays. we do have an accident
6:58 am
involving three cars and you can see emergency lights on the right-hand side of your screen with the right shoulder blocked been it does not seem to be impacting traffic too ladby, here bash badly, here is mark. -- too badly, heap is mark. this is happening across parts of the area and scattered showers in parts of the north bay and sonoma county right around the petaluma region i have been watching light to moderate activity. of course they picked up some heavier rain towards mountain view and here is a wider percent speculative -- perspective in santa cruz and fremont area. as far as rain showers
6:59 am
specially for -- especially for this morning, we will be tracking more rain friday and saturday. coming up on mornings on 2, it is back to workday and chp is issuing an important warning to many people in the bay area. and we have another busy day at bay area shopping malls, stay with us.


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